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We are the Canadian Breed Club for the Deutsch-Drahthaar. Our mission is to maintain and improve the development of this versatile hunting dog through rigorous application of the breeding and testing regulations established for us by our German parent organizations VDD e. V. and JGHV e. V.

We are facilitating connections between potential owners and breeders committed to the health, temperament, and hunting capabilities of this versatile breed.


We provides timely updates on upcoming breedings and puppy availability.


The stud dog list section showcases a curated selection of high-quality, health-tested, and field-proven stud dogs


The Deutsch Drahthaar is an unparalleled hunting partner due to its versatile and robust working abilities, coupled with a loyal and affectionate temperament, making it an ideal family-friendly dog for hunting households.

In the water


In the forest

In the field

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At home

The testing system

The JGHV (Jagdgebrauchshundverband) testing system in Germany is a rigorous, multi-stage program designed to evaluate and ensure the versatile hunting abilities, temperament, and health of hunting dog breeds, ensuring they meet high standards for field work and conservation.


The VJP is the initial versatile hunting aptitude test in the German JGHV system, assessing young dogs on their natural abilities like nose quality, tracking, and cooperation, fundamental for their development as effective hunting companions.


The HZP in the German JGHV system is an advanced hunting test assessing a dog's developed abilities in field, forest, and water work, emphasizing retrieving, pointing, and obedience, crucial for a versatile hunting dog.


The VGP is the most comprehensive and demanding test in the German JGHV system, evaluating mature hunting dogs on a wide range of skills including tracking, pointing, retrieving, obedience, and water work, to ensure their proficiency as versatile and reliable hunting companions.


Membership in the Deutsch Drahthaar Club is crucial for breeders as it ensures adherence to strict breeding standards and practices, which in turn maintains the health, characteristics, and quality of the breed.


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