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Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar e. V.: VDD is the parent organization for the breed club Deutsch-Drahthaar, which is headquartered in Germany. The VDD is responsible for the breeding and testing of the DD with the aim of maintaining the Breed Standard.


VDD-Group North America: VDD/GNA is our sister VDD group in the United States. Of the 35 VDD Groups, Group North America and Group Canada are the only ones outside of Germany.


Jagdgebrauchshund-Verband e. V.: JGHV is the umbrella organization in Germany for all of the versatile hunting dogs. It provides the test regulations, authorizes the judges, and maintains the test records for member breed clubs, including VDD.


Jagdgebrauchshund-Verein/USA: JGV/USA is the North American Chapter of the JGHV. It provides JGHV tests that VDD dogs may enter.


Group Canada Member Websites

vom Nordlicht / Andrea Clarke

vom Nordlicht on Facebook

vom Slaney-Vale Kennel / Hugh Slaney

vom Roche Haus / Hugues la Roche

vom Burdock / Peter Bannon

vom Burdock on Facebook


vom Parkland Mews Kennel / Robert Wheeldon

Working dogs and the arguement for tail shortening

vom Himmelbogen Kennel Deutsch Drahthaar

vom Himmelbogen

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