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Why does a breed club matter to hunters?

This is one of those questions that would be answered slightly differently by 10 different people. My view is more to what a breed club isn’t! A breed club is not an organization that only hunts with a specific hunting breed! It is not an organization that has competitions/ field trials / tests and then does not use these results towards breeding. It is not an organization that does not have specific strict testing and breeding regulations.

Any breed club that I know has only one purpose...the advancement of a hunting breed through testing. Dogs that pass these hunting tests prove they have measure up to the hunting standard.  Measurements such as x-rays proving free of joint disorders and entering a breed show which measures each individual against a breed standard must also be preformed. Only after all this criteria is met can a dog be certified for breeding. This certifying for breeding stamp placed on a dog’s Ahnentafel (pedigree) tells the hunter exactly what he/she is getting. In order for a pup to have an Ahnentafel from a breed club means that every ancestor of that pup all had to have been certified for breeding. No Exceptions! 


                   How can others get involved?

There is no organization in the world that runs by its self. Organizations need members! Members who are interested in moving an organization forward. It is no different with a breed club!  A breed club’s whole existence revolves around puppy owners. Without puppy owners getting involved no breed club can survive. It’s simple without members there is no judges. Without judges there is no tests. Without tests there is no breeders. And without breeders there is no breed! 

Help us continue to grow this club and advance the most powerful hunting dog breed in the world. See membership applications here: 

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